Team Real Recess

In 2009 Real Recess opened as a personal training studio in a 300 square foot area behind a sports performance center and targeted parents. The next year, Real Recess moved into a larger 3,000 square foot area inside a cheerleading gym still targeting parents. By 2011, we signed a yearlong lease in a brand new 7,500 square foot warehouse for 9-5ers to take a Real Recess break from work. Attendance did not meet expectations possibly because of convenience. This was when we pivoted to the current online Real Recess business plan. Users get access to the entire website for free with daily videos on social media. In return, these users tell their friends and co-workers about their new lifestyle. Purchases are available, however, we seek to provide businesses with certified Health Coaches to assist their employees in reaching personalized goals, assessments, and motivation. Small breaks lead to better health and better health leads to a more happy and productive life.


Bruce Bradley- Advisor 

After retiring from owning an insurance agency for 30 years, Bruce started a new venture of flipping houses. He does it with his son one house at a time. They pride themselves on quality over quantity. Bruce also taught part-time as a professor at his Alma Mater, Saint Francis University. He is a part of this Real Recess team because he sees the value in breaking down health principles to the baby boomers who depend too much on prescription medication rather than lifestyle modification.  


Meaghan McEldowney- Media Design and Event Planning

Meaghan is a student at Savannah College of Art and Design. Her passion is creating. She is the newest member of this Real Recess team. Look for an improved social media presence and more creative posts! Meaghan is definitely a people person but also an animal lover. She has 2 cats and 2 dogs that she loves dearly. 


Mark Saltzburg- Advisor 

Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to Real Recess with his degree from University of Pennsylvania and as a former Div I athlete there. He himself is a serial entrepreneur with a current project called UpActive.  Mark has a beautiful family that also enjoys staying active through sports like skiing, golf, running, and working out. 


John Anderson- President 

It's time to swing from your hanging furniture, eat fresh food from your indoor garden, and focus on life goals so you get the best sleep you have had in years. The process is a slow and steady change 30 seconds at a time. It was created by observing and experimenting while living in Arizona, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and back to PA. I earned a Kinesiology degree (the study of motions of the body) with a minor in Coaching from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. I am currently a Certified Health Coach through the American Council on Exercise. Please enjoy this site.

In my free time, I still cherish exploring new places by foot, bike, canoe, or skis. I love Pennsylvania and always plan on having a home here.  My mission has always been to encourage people to Take a Break and Be Active.


Past Real Recess Events:

  • Corporate Team Building Challenge at The Summit Athletic Club
  • Halloween Adventure Weekend at Raystown Lake
  • Outdoor Nature Workout at Canoe Creek State Park (body weight exercises) 
  • The Most Agile Quarter Mile On Earth MaqMoe at Alto Reste Park (race)
  • A Triathlon Obstacle Course called triOBSTAclon at Tussey Mountain (race)
  • A Triathlon with CrossFit Sports Evolution WOD during transition at Blue Knob Resort
  • Local Activity Registration for Youth L.A.R.Y. at Galactic Ice in Altoona
  • Strong Kid Competition and Healthy Kid Competition at Lakemont Park
  • The Good Life Expo at the Blair County Convention Center
  • Obstacle Course Challenge Night for kids AND adults at Newtown Athletic Club



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