Designed for Convenience

Anywhere you can add fun and movement to your life, do it. Here are ways to turn Recess breaks into convenient habits. These small lifestyle changes produce magnificent benefits. 

Living Room / Office

Wide open spaces invite movement. A basketball hoop on the wall, hung heavy bag or even a carpeted gymnastic mat encourage play. Imagine a swing set attached to the ceiling for more open space. A slide takes you down from the above loft (or take the ladder). All of these ideas minimize time sitting still. Always have options.


This room looks bright however, I bet the forest gets dark at night. The exposed beams allow you to hang equipment like TRX straps. A bed on the floor makes you get up and down increasing your range of motion and calories burned. The fireplace creates ambiance. Leave the television in the living room. Less is more. 


You can't get more fresh than growing and harvesting your own vegetables. This convenience is invaluable whether at home or work. Try an indoor hanging garden with herbs or a full outdoor garden in your landscape. Either way, your food will be readily available. This also gives you a chance to learn a new skill and bond with others.