You Think I'm Too Small

     I realized something very important on my recent trip to Italy. You think Real Recess is too small to handle your business's needs. I came to this conclusion while looking at the massive churches in this country. It's all about perception. There were 2-hour lines just to see inside the massive churches of Pisa, Assisi, Florence, Rome, and Venice. Yes, they were impressive in their scale. These giant religious monumental meeting places hold a lot of history and that is why everyone was flocking to them. But... what about the smaller churches? Some "off-the-beaten-path" churches had just as much history to share and artwork to show. There were absolutely no lines at the small but still magnificent churches of Citta di Castello.  

     John, how are you relating churches to your corporate wellness company? Well, the giant conglomerates (mostly insurance companies now) are the major corporate wellness providers who do the bare minimum but reap the most benefit. They have the history of being the most trusted because everyone was using them. The other small players (like myself) are the ones working hard to step outside the box and create new and better methods for employee health.

     The small churches can do the same thing as the big churches. Of course, there are some advantages and disadvantages to each. The fact is you have to consider both and find which is best for your needs. Same with corporate wellness companies. Give the small guy a chance to prove he is just as mighty as the conglomerates. I guarantee there are a lot of services we can provide your company on a one to one basis that you won't find with larger providers.