Play is Not Just for Kids

      I guarantee that one of the best parts of your day is defined by a smile. It means you're happy. And this may or may not come from play. However, if you need more smiles, play is definitely the first place to look for happiness. 

      The Real Recess Movement Chart depicts 5 separate skills everyone should play with. These 5 skills can be performed in a laying, sitting, or standing position. That is 15 different ways to make you smile. I am not going to list them here, you can simply go to the website and read about them. What I will do is ask you to turn each skill into a game. For example, the first skill is Rolling in a Laying position. How far down your legs can you reach your fingers by sitting up and forward? This may make you smile by how well you can do, or it may make you smile by realizing you have not tried this in a while. Either way, you just created a game and set a standard to beat the next time you try.

       Perhaps a more traditional game would entice your sense of play. The goal is to find what makes you happy. Just putting a basketball hoop or ping pong table in your office may make these games more easy to do. Whatever brings a smile to your face is where you should start. Thirty seconds for every thirty minutes of inactivity. Just get up and move you body and mind, then get back to work. Make it a habit and over time you whole world will change into a game.

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