Take More Breaks to Get More Done

That's not an oxymoron. 

If your breaks are planned out and your space is designed in a convenient manner then you can accomplish more during the day. It's like Isaac Newton said, "And object in motion stays in motion." Even if you are in the zone and working diligently for an hour straight, stop, stand up, and reach overhead for 10 straight seconds. This isn't just for short-term focus benefits, or for mid-term range of motion benefits, it's also for long term posture benefits. 

Everyone is different. Experiment and find your pleasures. Most people plan better the night before (otherwise while you are trying to fall asleep, your mind is trying to remember what to do the next day). While planning, start with 4 sections with a Movement, Nourishment, and Recovery break during each section. Use the Real Recess website for ideas during these breaks. 

The majority of your time spent in once place is predominantly the bedroom. Invest in a comfortable bed, natural sheets, and curtains to keep the morning sun out. Your active lifestyle will make you more tired at night but these changes to your bedroom will keep you asleep so you wake up well rested for more activities the next day.

Have a place at home and a place at work that is free from clutter for you to move. It might just be a carpeted area or maybe even a small fitness studio. As long as it is easily accessible. Since you already have a plan, you are all set to move and reap the benefits of being more active. Eventually this habit will grow and your breaks will become longer and more difficult. 

Take a trip to the grocery store or fresh food market at least twice a week. This will help you keep your fridge stocked with nutrient dense macros (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) rather than empty calorie packaged goods.

These quick tips will save you time, money, and stress! Please comment on the blog and let me know how it is working for you.