Build A Life Plan You Are Proud Of

You wake up, breakfast, go to work, lunch, finish work, go home, dinner, watch TV, go to bed, and repeat. That's no way to live!! Guest what? There's no significance in a safe life and there is no safety in a significant life. Okay, these are extreme examples. But do you really have a plan for the next step of your life? You've got to write down this plan and be able to see it. Look at it everyday. Then, check off the steps you accomplish along the way. 

First, start with 10 years from today. If anything is possible within reality, where are you going to be living in 10 years (location, setting, type of home, with whom)?  How are you going to make an income (mixture of what you like, what you're good at, what you can get paid for)? Remember, you are creating your future here, make it how you want! What are you doing with spare time (a hobby that promotes growth and with whom)? Find or draw a picture of this ideal lifestyle. It helps so much to visualize.

Now, take it back 5 years. What do you have to do in 5 years to make this 10 year plan work? Consider the concept of compounding interest. You may not be much further in 5 years than you are today, but you are building momentum. Progress will happen faster from year 5-10 than from year 1-5. With that in mind, what must you accomplish in one year to be on track for that 5 year step?  Finally, what are you doing today to reach that ideal lifestyle? 

I will gladly share an abbreviation of my life plan created in 2009: In 10 years I will be living in a Recess style house (swinging furniture, ramps, fireman poles, suspension bridge, lookout windows, walk-in shower, hot tub, ice bath, luscious garden) near a body of water with land to hike and having a view of a valley in Blair County. I will be living with my girlfriend and preparing meals with her everyday. Income will be from two sources. First, I will receive monthly checks from companies using an onsite Real Recess Health Coach. The second source of income will be from the residential and commercial Functional Recess spaces I design and build. To make this happen, 5 years into the plan (2014) I moved to a bigger town so I could pitch Real Recess to other businesses. It ended up turning into research. I learned the real perceptions and goals that most CEO's and Owners have about employees and growth. It's going to take a certain company that matches my values of improving their employees' lifestyles first and then the company's bottom line second (not the other way around). Prior to that bigger town move, my 1 year goal was to open an Adult Playground setting and I did. However, I found it difficult disrupting people's schedules (by driving to a gym) to try something new. From there the plan pivoted to online but the ultimate goal remains the same.  I continue to practice and share my daily Recess breaks today with as many people that will listen. 

With all of this planning you will realize you're starting to live your ideal lifestyle already. The only difference in 10 years will be what you can afford.