Additional Income for Farmland

A quickly growing trend in health and wellness is get-a-way adventures to learn and experience new skills. Do you have beautiful land or buildings that could be put to better use? Real Recess can turn your property into an income generating machine one weekend at a time. 

Potential guests may want an old fashioned landscaping workout by cutting downed trees, digging up a new path, or relocating large stones. Other guests my just want to relax in nature, meditate in a hammock, and recover by a campfire all weekend. These desires are real and will bring in generous amounts of income to the right hosts. 

By selling this experience to people that only see it on TV or Internet, you (as a land owner) are satisfying a demand and creating a solution to customers looking for an escape from their daily hustle and bustle. 

Be the first to market in your area. Contact Real Recess to design packages for your specific property and start advertising to customers.