Silhouettes are a Great Metaphor for Health

A night sky casts a beautiful silhouette of tree branches but you can't tell how strong that tree is just from the outline. Much like looking at your beautiful body from the outside, you can't tell how healthy it is on the inside. Remember there are many dimensions of health including mental, social, and occupational.  

We all like to have fun and do what feels good (snack on chips while laying on the couch) but is it benefiting you in anyway? You might say it makes you happy but that is just the release of Oxytocin making you feel happy and covering up many negative results of your decision. 

Don't get me wrong, you are definitely beautiful. We all are in our own way. Take a deeper look into your lifestyle.

Are you sleeping comfortably?

Do you eat a balanced diet minimizing artificial chemicals?

Are you challenging your physical fitness with new patterns?

Real Recess has easy to follow steps that build healthy habits and change your lifestyle into a beneficial one. Silhouettes are beautiful but I'd rather see the magnificent detail up close. Start your first Recess Break today and drink one full glass of water with any meal. Just that one little change makes a difference in so many aspects of health.