Without Health, What Else is there?

This question changed the path of my life. 

Immediately after college I sat for the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist test provided by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. It was great for what I was doing at the time, making athletes stronger and faster. Over the years I realized the lack of health education in not only the parents of these athletes but also the coaches. Twelve years after getting my CSCS, I let it expire. 

If I could teach these adults about Movement, Nourishment, and Recovery then they could surely reach more children than just myself. So, I sat for the Certified Health Coach test provided by the American Council on Exercise. Now I coach average, normal, everyday people about the principles of living a healthy lifestyle. It's about balance and everyone is different. Hopefully the information trickles down to their kids. 

My message is simple. Take short breaks for yourself throughout the day. Those little breaks will add up to magnificent benefits. Because without your health, you may not be able to gain wealth or even amazing memories to share with family and friends.

So, what is more important than your health? Maybe nothing.