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Hello Client,

    Thank you for filling out the "Better @ Life" Free Consultation through Real Recess! Let's create your B@L Plan...


The goal here is to have a 12-hour window for nutrient consumption followed by a 12-hour fasting window. This should eliminate the need to snack. Lets say you wake up at 7am and have your first meal at 8am that means your following meals should be at noon, 4pm and 8pm. If you get hungry for snacks between those meals then you are not eating enough during the meal time. On the other hand, if you are not hungry when your next meal time rolls around then you are eating too much during those meals. And, if there is some snack food that you absolutely love, make it part of one of your meals. It will take some planning however once this pattern becomes a habit, you will realize how much of a difference meal timing makes in your energy levels. 


Have you ever seen what a cat or dog does after a nap? They get a good stretch! It is the same principle I am using with these Recess breaks. If you are sitting in a commute, at work, or on the couch at home for at least 30 minutes it is time to practice at least 30 seconds of movement. Use the movement chart on the website which consists of Rolling, Crawling, Squatting, Pushing, and Pulling skills in Laying, Sitting, or Standing positions. Your goal (depending on your ability level) is just to move, not necessarily build muscle yet. An advanced athlete may use their 30-second Recess Break to bust out 20 pull ups real quick and then get back to work. 


Now that you have set and are working toward short and longterm goals, it's time to take it to the next level. In the morning, have these plans written where you can see them. Say out loud how you are going to make this happen. Your objective is to visualize your goal happening and truly believe in it. Each evening, reassess your accomplishments from that day in journal form (using an app or a notebook). Just a quick note about how you got closer to your goal or even what you are grateful for happening or having that day. These are short steps but over time make lasting benefits for your lifestyle. 


Practice one of these habits at a time over the next 3 weeks. Do you have any health concerns that might affect this plan?

Remember: One step at a time creates lasting habits. If you overwhelm yourself with multiple changes you will lessen your chances of success. Like I talk about in the "9-Week Lifestyle Transformation" workbook, take an entire week to master one new habit at a time.

After these next three weeks, I will reach back out to you and see how they went. I am always here to answer questions when they arise. Please, consider some of the additional programs available on my website And as always, be kind and share these health habits with friends and family. 

In Good Health,

John Anderson

Did you eat 4 meals today about 4 hours apart?: No

Did you drink 1-2 glasses of water with each meal?: Yes

Did you combine nutrient-dense proteins, carbohydrates and fats each meal?: Yes

Did you move 30 seconds for every 30 minutes of inactivity?: No

Did you increase your heart rate 10-60 consecutive minutes today?: No

Did you participate in new activities that challenged athleticism?: Yes

Did you sleep 6-8 hours in a comfortable environment?: Yes

Did you set and pursue short and longterm life goals?: Yes

Did you use mind/body relaxation techniques?: Yes