3 Options for Your Dreary Office

 Variety is truly the spice of life. Change your living space every 3 months to create a fresh feeling. Yes your office is a living space. You're in it at least 40 hours per week.

1) Get a new seat. Standing desks are still a possibility but not for everyone. All day you should be changing the height of your chair to prevent the Fuzz from building up. Every 3 months you can switch chairs with someone in the office. Here are some that I hope your co-worker have: Swing, Pivot Chair, Stability Ball, Balance Board, Reclining Dentist Chair, Saddle Stool, or the normal Swivel Office Chair.

2) Change your view. Simply turn your desk 90 degrees. If you're looking at the wall, hang up a poster or Fathead. Have you tried co-working spaces? That could be a great way to move every month if you live in a larger area. 

3) Decorate for the season. Planning ahead is a baby step in creating a habit. One month before the Holiday (or season) set out some trinkets. This little change in your office will keep you from dreading entering the same old work space day in and day out. Plus it gives you a little side hobby to find creative decorations. 

Notice how all three of these options are based on your senses. Touch, Sight, and the 6th sense of environment. Your environment really can change your mood AND your productivity level. Here are 3 bonus ideas: Sound- Use a free radio app and plug in those old headphones. Smell- use a diffuser to elicit different feelings or memories (be mindful of those around you). Taste- Keep a flavored water bottle, coffee mug, cup of tea, gum or even chapstick nearby to instantly keep that enhanced mood. You're welcome! 

John AndersonComment