This Method is Helping People Like You Become Healthier

The Slight Edge, The Compound Effect, Baby Steps, call it what you want. It's progress. Those small decisions you make over and over determines the outcome of your goals. I have worked with many clients that do not have patients for "baby steps". They want their desired outcome right now because they heard about someone else that has done it. The success rate of those "overnighters" is minuscule, not to mention the amount of work that goes into that type of change in such a short period of time. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. 

We are talking about Health. Most of us know by now that a lifestyle change is long term. The Real Recess Lifestyle takes 9 weeks adding 1 principle per week. Start by drinking one glass of water (not just a liquid, but actual H2O) per meal. Even if you only eat one meal per day, this is a baby step toward bigger health goals. While you are on this first week, start to learn about your next step of 4 meals per day in a 12 hour window followed by 12 hours of not eating. Each week, add a new guideline. At the end of the ninth week you will have a well rounded healthy lifestyle around movement, nourishment, and recovery (both mentally and physically). *This lifestyle is designed for the general public, some individuals have special needs. Consult your physician prior to making any drastic changes. 

This breakdown of small goals can be applied to any healthy lifestyle. Remember, it's not just what you do - it's also what you don't do!