Why You Should Pay Attention to What I Am Doing

Health. It's definition changes from person to person. There are many aspects of it from physical to mental, from occupational to social. The topic can be overwhelming. That is where I personally struggle from day to day. My goal is to simplify health but the information I want to share is seemingly infinite.

In my recent Healthy Lifestyle Workbook (available for purchase in my Virtual Store) I blueprint how to organize your health schedule for 9 weeks. One step at a time builds momentum and helps the user take control of their health. It's content should be taught in schools so we understand prioritizing personal well being. 

Since most of us have graduated without this information, here is your opportunity to learn about scheduling time for yourself (and how to teach your family and co-workers). Tiny breaks scheduled into your day will accumulate into magnificent health benefits. Take time now to create these habits. It is literally an investment into your future. Your future healthy self will be most grateful.   

John AndersonComment