Active Home Re-Design

You get home from work. Throw on the comfy clothes. Grab a snack and turn on Netflix. There you lay for the next 4 hours.

Sound familiar? It's only because that is the way you have your home designed. Now, take 30 seconds and think about removing all that your furniture except your TV. Let's replace the couch with a oversized beanbag, replace the area rug with a gymnastics mat, add a climbing cage over your bookcase, that overhead light fixture could be a yoga hammock, and your walls could be more durable with targets on them to play catch with yourself. 

This doesn't change anything you already do. It's just making movement more convenient while you "chill".  I have done this at my house and it's made a world of difference in me and my family's evening activities. It's like having a rec center in our living room. There are limitless activities and games we can play while watching TV. Sometimes we even forget to turn on the TV and focus on games / competition so much that we go to bed early because we're exhausted. 

Give it a try one step at a time by taking away your coffee table to make space on the floor. Now add an exercise ball in its place or even a balance board to stand on while watching TV. Let me know how it goes after a week. Soon enough houses will be designed like this and it will become second nature. Why do we need to lay down for 4 hours before we sleep for 8 more? Because we made it a habit. Let's create new habits that benefit our health!