Get More Work Done by Design

I learned in an art class a long time ago that "Less is More." Wow. That phrase can be used in a lot of scenarios including office space.  Less clutter means less distractions. Less distractions means more productivity. The Property of Transitivity tells me that Less Clutter equals More Productivity (I learned that in Math class a long time ago). 

Get rid of your bobble heads. Put your coffee maker in another room. Hang your pictures behind you. It's almost a minimalists point of view. Your office is for working, so get work done. I recently attended a seminar about productivity. Here is the most important information I took away from that weekend: Schedule Jam Sessions. What does that mean?

Name the most important part of creating success in your job. Go ahead, think about it. For me it is making this website user friendly. It is non-stop. I'm always changing wording and fixing links. Whether it is a paying or non-paying customer, if I confuse them they might not come back. So, three times a week I now schedule an hour and a half 'jam session'. That means I am devoting that time to working on my website. If I think of something I need to do while outside of that time, I write it down and come back to it during my Jam Session. The idea is to be in the state of 'Flow' during that time. Get as much done as possible. It is about maximizing your time. If there are pictures of my family in front of me, I will get out of Flow and think about them. Those 90 minutes need to be distraction free and focused. 

What does your work space look like? Please ask me my opinion if you have questions. This could be the difference between meeting a deadline with killer quality and being fired...


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