Best 3 Recess Breaks

Recess Breaks are broken down into 3 categories: Nourishment, Movement, and Recovery. Find balance in your health by paying attention to these game changers. The following three Recess Breaks are sure to give you the most bang for your time.

Nourishment: Make your first meal a "green" smoothie 12 hours after your last meal. First, that 12-hour fasting period will allow your cells to metaphorically reset. Many of your nutrient stores will have dropped over that time so your cells are thirsty for a healthy shot of nutrition! *This strategy isn't for every person / goal type so talk with you physician before changing your diet. Next, the term "green" is referring to plant based. Add a leafy vegetable (like Kale), a solid vegetable (try carrots), frozen fruit (pineapple is great), a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, some protein powder (hemp, soy, or pea are my choices), and finally top if off with almond or cashew milk before blending it into a smoothie. *If there is no fat in your protein powder or milk add a half tablespoon of coconut oil. Drink enough to fill you up for the next 4 hours. If I know I'm going to have an active morning, I'll add some oats to the shake. 

Movement: Tense up every muscle in your body for 10 seconds squeezing from your eye lids to your toes. Then exhale and relax everything for 5 seconds. Repeat this twice. 30 seconds is the minimum time for a Recess Break. The goal is to create small habits that result in magnificent benefits over time. Sure, you could do this for 5 minutes but it would interrupt your work flow. These Recess Breaks should fit right into your work schedule. At another time of the day you should get your 10-60 minutes of heart rate raising activity. This Recess Break is a quick mind/body reset to make you more productive.

Recovery: While outside in fresh air near green plants (not next to a highway), inhale and visualize clarity. Take a deep breath in through your nose filling every space of your lungs with fresh oxygen. Picture one of your special goals being completed. Then, exhale through your pursed lips. Repeat this process until you can truly see that goal being accomplished. If it takes longer than 1 minute, go back to what you were doing and try again later. There are two reasons for this Recess Break. The first is to help your body function more efficiently by getting quality oxygen into your body by using your full lung capacity. The second reason for this break is to convince your subconscious mind that your goal is within reach. 

These Real Recess Breaks can all be done in the same day and even repeated everyday. For more tips and information about Nourishment, Movement, and Recovery Breaks, please click through the website or purchase a full 9 week Lifestyle Modification Program.